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1.  Circle of Women 1

This offers women time in their busy lives to breathe, quiet down, and listen to their deepest wisdom.  This 6-week group offers a different theme each week to explore your physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual life.  Using meditation, journaling, group discussion, and self awareness exercises in a safe and supportive circle, you will listen to your wise inner self, identify steps to support yourself more, and reconnect to stillness and passion in all areas of your life.  The group is limited to 8 women.   


2.  Circle of Women 2

This 6-week group is for women who have already participated in one of my women's groups.  The format is the same, but we explore a new theme each week in order to help you grow in your physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual life. We use visualizations, dyad work, journaling, group discussion, and self awareness exercises in a safe and supportive circle, to help you listen to your wise inner self, identify steps to support yourself more, and enjoy the company of women to further your own development.  The group is limited to 8 women.   

3.  A Women's Sexual Enrichment Group

This is an 6-week facilitated discussion and support group for women around the topic of sex and sexuality.  This is a safe place for women to talk openly about their sexual lives, and the challenges they face sexually.  Each evening we spend time on a specific topic of learning, and there is time to ask those questions you may never have felt comfortable to ask.  The intention is to create a supportive circle of women, where you can share, listen, and learn from each other.  It is a circle where women can identify an area in their sexual life that they want to grow, and receive homework assignments related to that goal. Open to women of any sexual orientation, single or in relationship.  The group is limited to 8 women.      


4.  Professional Consultation Group (for mental health professionals)


This is a monthly consultation group for mental health professionals to expand their knowledge base and clinical skills when working with individuals and couples around the topic of sexuality.  The format is didactic, interactive, and involves group discussion.  I teach on a topic related to clinical sexology for the first 15-20 minutes, and then open it up for general questions and consultation for current cases relating to sexuality.  The intention is to create a safe and confidential environment.  MORE INFORMATION

5.  Exploring Your Orgasmic Potential

An educational support group for women who have never or rarely had an orgasm.  Open to women of all ages and any sexual orientation.  Women may be single or in a relationshipThe format of the group will be teaching, discussion and instructions for at-home-assignments.  The group is limited to 6 women.  Please contact me for more information.


6.  Support Group for Women Who Experience Pain with Intercourse

Pain with intercourse is called dyspareunia.  Many women who experience pain with intercourse either periodically or chronically, often feel alone, and there is little emotional or sexual support for these women.  Research indicates that education, information, and support helps women as they struggle with this medical, emotional, and sexual issue. This 4-week group is a safe place where women can share their story, listen to others, ask questions, and explore options for hope.  

7.  A 1-Day Women's Sexuality Retreat

This workshop will be a safe place to discover what it means for you to be a sexually alive woman.  Through group discussion, experiential exercises, journal writing, and personal reflection, you will learn more about your unique sexual essence.  The workshop will offer tools to create more of the sexual life you want, and help you develop ways of finding more pleasure in all aspects of your life.   Women of all sexual orientations and gender identities are warmly welcome. Group is limited to 10 women.   MORE INFORMATION
Next Retreat is Saturday November 2, 2019   9:00am - 4:00pm held at a private home in NW Portland.
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