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Many people are uncomfortable talking about sexual issues, and don't know who to turn to when they run into difficulties.  I believe everyone needs a safe and confidential place to explore sexual concerns, with someone who is both objective and knowledgeable.  I have a Masters degree in Marriage, Family, and Child  Therapy and a Doctorate in Human Sexuality.  I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for many years, and I have specialized education and training in the area of human sexuality.

     As a clinical sexologist, I offer sexual information, counseling, and workshops for individuals, couples, therapists, clergy, and health care professionals. My belief is that each human being deserves a full and satisfying sexual life.  My intention is to help clients discover what is the sex life they want, and assist them in achieving their goals.  I am also a consultant to doctors, therapists, clergy, and other health care professionals, and assist them in their work with patients around sexual issues.  I offer professional education and training, as well as on-site support for clergy, mental health, medical, and health care professionals.

      If you need a safe and confidential place to explore sexual concerns, or are interested in workshops, trainings and support groups,  please call or email me.


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